Saturday, January 9, 2010

Create your own FUD trojan Stub

So, some crypters and viruses are now detected as hacktools by antiviruses and are of no use now. Bunn has created Fly Crypter which has unique stub generator. So, you can create your own stub and so your crypter becomes your own private version crypter because you can assign and use new stubs to viruses and thus helping your virus program to remain FUD.

How to make Virus undetectable:

Usually, Viruses are detected because their stubs are detected as viruses by AVs. So, if you change stub of viruses, most of times, they become undetectable to antiviruses. So, I am explaining you how to create your own stub and how to use this your self-created stub to make your virus FUD (Fully UnDetecatable) to antiviruses. This Crypter is tested by me and found working well on Windows XP and Windows Vista.

1. Free Download Fly Crypter + Unique Stub Generator software.Here

2. Run AUSG.exe file on your computer to see:
Make virus trojan FUD
Make virus trojan FUD

3. Select "Str. Encr." and "Stub Encryption" options as I have selected above. Now, hit on "Generate my Stub". Allow some time for AUSG.exe to generate stub for you. After sometime, you'll get a confirmation message.

4. Now, hit on "Compile my stub" and you'll again get message like this:
Compile stub
Compile stub

Note: If you get error messages over here, repeat from Step 2 using "Random Passwords length" value less than 5.

5. Now, move on to directory containing Fly Crypter and AUSG.exe file. You will now see around 4 or 5 random string newly created files. One of those files is your newly created FUD Stub. Let this be "XlbAtKQ.exe".

6. Now, open Fly Crypter.exe. Create Apocalypse server and simply drag and drop this server on Fly Crypter.

7. Right click on server.exe, select Main Options -> Custom Stub and new popup box will be displayed.
How to make your own stub
How to make your own stub

Now, browse to your newly created stub "XlbAtKQ.exe" and hit OK. Select any password level and hit OK.

8. Again Right Click -> Crypt files and enter the name and path where you wanna save the newly created crypted virus file.

9. Now, you have your crypted file ready to hack passwords and access pc remotely for you. Go to and scan your stub and crypted file. You will find the detection rate decreased significantly.

Note 1: For AUSG.exe to compile your stub, you should have Microsoft Visual basic 6 installed on your computer.

Note 2: If you aren't getting FUD stub, just select the antiviruses you wanna bypass. Now, create stubs and start scanning them at This method is used to collect and group stubs undetectable by specific antiviruses. Here is one stub which is not detected by most famous AVs as today's scanner results indicate:
- Avira
- Avast
- Bit Defender
- Kaspersky
- Quick Heal
- Panda

Free Download this Stub over

Update: This method is not working 100%. As some of the readers have reported this to be not working with many keyloggers like Ardamax keylogger, General keylogger and so. (Thanks George, Riya and Central2000 for your valuable feedback). So friends, try this out with your server whether if this works and please mention your feedback. If this is not working for you, try out crypter softwares.

Develop your own stubs. Now, all resides on you to make your trojans and viruses undetectable, since you are now able to develop your own stubs.

So friends, I hope this tutorial on how to make your own stubs to make your virus trojan undetectable by antiviruses will be helpful to you. If you have any problem in using Fly Crypter and AUSG.exe files to make your own stubs, please mention it in comments.

Enjoy and make your trojans undetectable...


  1. although u have copy someone blog..
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  2. hi yeah,

    i follow your steps and successfully created the stub. and when i scan the stub, the result shows me that 2 on 6 (33%) infected.. Avira and Emsisoft detects it.. so can u plz tell me that how i create the stub fully undetectable.. thanks alot


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